Old tools and machines are one of Peter’s passions and he has spent many years collecting the old tin-smith tools. 

These tools & machines are used in the manufacture of our heritage products for an authentic reproduction result.

Pete really enjoys the art of sheetmetal fabrication and the skills of hands on tinsmithing.
Taking a flat sheet of tinplate or galvanized sheet 
and with knowledge and skills creating a useful household item.

All techniques can be achieved without the use of electricity using authentic machines and tools.

It’s these tools and techniques that create products that last and are destined to become heirlooms in your home and garden.

Actually he is obsessively passionate about it and it’s his mission to teach, encourage and revive these skills and knowledge.
Pete is a qualified Sheetmetal fabricator, since 1986.
We are Based in rural Victoria and operate out of a 1950’s converted wool shed.
Our aim is to keep the  knowledge , products and the history of tinsmithing alive.