Welding :

is a person who welds metal.
 Welding is – a method of permanently joining two or more metal parts.
Welding involves applying heat to metal pieces which melts and fuses them, creating a strong bond upon cooling.
Welders use many different welding methods for specific purposes including maintenance and repair
Edmund Davy of England is credited with the discovery of acetylene in 1836.

It isn’t a lost skill but, in the times we are living , we feel that to have the skills and knowledge to weld will come in very handy in making and repairing items around  the home , garden & farm.

 We have noticed that many buy a welder and then have all sorts of trouble with the welder, shield or just the act of making a good weld run.
We have limited workshops scheduled , but we are happy to book a workshop for 3 at a mutually agreed upon date.
So please drop Pete a line or phone 0419 539 162 to have a chat about booking  your  
Introduction to Welding workshop today. 


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